How do I install Ciphey?


python3 -m pip install -U ciphey

Detailed Explanation

To install Ciphey, you need 2 core things: 1. Python3.6 or above 2. Pip (on Python 3)

Check to see if Python is already installed. Run both of these commands:

python -c "import sys; print(sys.version)"


python3 -c "import sys; print(sys.version)"

If Python is installed, one of these commands will run and will output the version number. Ciphey only supports numbers higher than 3.6. If you see “2” or anything below “3.6”, we’ll need to install a more up to date version.

Make sure to note what command words. On your compputer, if python -c "import sys; print(sys.version)" returns something higher or equal to “3.6”, then whenever you see python3 instead write python.

Go to this website and install Python3. Make sure the version is more than 3.6. By default. unless you expliticly choose a lower version, the version you install will > 3.6.

Next, we need to install pip.

Pip is already installed by default in Python. We just need to upgrade it.

On Linux or Mac OS run the command:

pip3 install -U pip

Making sure to replace pip3 with pip if you had to replace python3 with python.

On Windows

python -m pip install -U pip

If these commands didn’t work. explore the official Pip guide for upgrading here.

If you faced any errors with Pip, there’s a nice trouble shooting guide on installing Pip here.

Installing Ciphey

Run this command:

python3 -m pip install -U ciphey


Replace python3 with python if you need to. If you’re not sure, read the previous section Detailed Explanation.

This command does many things:

  • Uses Python3 (Ciphey only supports Python3.6 and above)

  • The -m flag tells Python to run the module

  • We are telling the version of pip inside of Python3 to install something.

The reason why we use Python3 to call Pip instead of calling Pip is that the version of Pip may differ from Python, or you may have multiple versions of Python installed or you may be in a virtual environment.

  • The -U flag says “upgrade”. Sometimes Python gets stuck on an older version of Ciphey, so if it does – it says to upgrade it.

  • “ciphey” is the name of the package we want to install.

Trouble Shooting

If you see any of these 3 words causing errors, please submit a GitHub issue as we have done something wrong: * Ciphey * CipheyCore * CipheyDists