Internal configuration packet

This is a hodge-podge of different command-line options and configuration; it should represent the complete user input to the process.

Since trying to work out which variables an arbitrary user module would need is very difficult, it makes much more sense to just give them the configuration, so that they can make up their own mind.

To that end, here is the structure. Be aware that new fields may be implemented added without updating this document, but modification or deprecation should not.


    "grep": "bool: The greppable flag",
    "info": "bool: The info flag",
    "debug": "str: The loguru debug level, one of ['TRACE', 'DEBUG', 'WARNING', 'ERROR', None/~]",
    "checker": "str: The name of the language checker class to be used",
    "params": "Dict[str, Dict[str, Union[List[str], str]]]: The given module parameters, indexed by the module name and the param name",
    "modules": "List[str]: Paths to modules that should be loaded",
    "utility_threshold": "float: A value between 0 and 2 representing what Detectors should be used in the first pass",
    "format": "Dict[str, str]: formed of 'in' and 'out', which map to the name of their respective types"

These are the defaults, represented as a YAML config file. An omission of any field will result in these values being used

grep: false
info: false
debug: WARNING
checker: brandon
  in: str
  out: str
utility_threshold: 1.5
score_threshold: 0.8

The following internal modules are loaded by default, even if not specified:

  • The brandon LanguageChecker

  • The cipheydists collection of Distributions, CharSets and WordLists

  • The json Distribution, CharSet and WordLists, that load in a json file

  • The csv Distribution, CharSet and WordLists, that load in a csv file